How To Choose A Newborn Photography Studio

14 October 2022
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A set of newborn photos captures this unique time in your baby's life forever. While you will take photos of your own, a professional set of images will become a cherished keepsake.

Finding the right photographer and package is key to creating these long-term memories. Before you choose a studio, ask the following questions.

What Do You Get in Your Session Price?

Newborn photography sessions often work on package prices. You get a bundle of services in each price.

So, for example, a session will usually have a set time. The more time you book, the higher your costs will be. However, extra time is a good option if you want a lot of photos in different outfits or settings or if you have a fractious baby who might not settle quickly.

Your package should include a guaranteed number of images. You can usually view the whole shoot online and choose the photos you want. Photographers also usually provide outfits, blankets, props, and backdrops. You'll get a choice of options here, depending on the size of the package you choose.

Some photographers also include free basic edits. This is a useful feature. Babies don't have camera pose control, so a skilled photographer can edit images to make them perfect.

Can Parents and Older Children Be Included?

While some parents focus on their babies during a newborn session, others like to include other members of the family. They might want a couple of shots of them with their baby. Or, they might want to include older children. Some parents also use a session to get a professional photo of the whole family, including other relatives.

Check that your photographer is happy to include other people in some of your newborn photos. Ask how many people can come along. Many photographers include this option in larger session packages; however, you might have to pay an extra sitting fee to add extended family members to a photo of you and your children.

Can You Buy Prints and Products?

Most photography studios create digital photos. While you can print out your chosen photos, you can also ask your photographer to add actual prints to your package. This is useful if you want to give traditional photos to older relatives or if you simply want prints of your own.

Some studios also offer other products. For example, you can put together a newborn photo album. Or, you can have a print turned into a piece of art that you hang on a wall.

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