3 Reasons To Sponsor Custom Photo Backdrops For Events

13 July 2022
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As you look to spread awareness of your business in the local area and beyond, you may seek to sponsor events and get your business out there. One way to sponsor local events, like charity galas, sports games, or other gatherings, is through custom photo backdrops. If you provide a backdrop for an event, the backdrop serves as a decoration and an ideal location for photos. 

Check out some advantages of sponsored backdrops and why the purchase can help your business thrive.

1. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is important when you start a business. The more you get your brand and logo out to the masses, the more success you can find through gaining loyal customers. You have multiple options to choose from when you create a custom backdrop. You could showcase your business logo right in the middle of the backdrop or create a collage.

A collage will feature a pattern of your logo spread out over the backdrop. A collage is often a better option so your logo will appear in the background of photos no matter where the subjects stand within the photo. You could also mix your logo with contact information, like a website or phone number.

2. Social Media Use

Chances are, people at the event will likely take pictures and share those pictures across social media. If your backdrop is branded specifically for your company, everyone who shares a photo will do so with your business logo and name in the background. Organic advertising can go a long way in promoting your business and bringing new customers in.

You can also share images on your own social media to help promote the event and showcase the backdrop you sponsored. Along with your logo, you can select background colors and designs that match your branding.

3. Repeat Use

When you have a custom backdrop created, you can find ways to reuse the backdrop at other events. For example, you can make a backdrop for each season. Autumn backdrops could feature your logo mixed with fall themes, like leaves. Winter backdrops could showcase snowflakes or holiday designs.

If you want to sponsor sports events, then mix your logo with sports graphics, like baseballs or basketballs. Play around with design options and choose custom designs you can use at multiple events.

When you order a custom backdrop, look into stand options as well. A built-in stand will make it easy to set up the backdrop at multiple events.

Your backdrop will go to good use, provide a photo area for events, and help your business thrive in the long run.

Contact a local backdrop company to learn more about custom-designed photography backdrops.