Talk To Your Boudoir Photographer About Touch-Ups

3 May 2022
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A boudoir photography session gives you a chance to confidently pose in an outfit that reveals your body in a way that you want. While doing so might initially seem a little daunting, working with an experienced photographer can bolster your confidence and ensure that your photo shoot is enjoyable. After the session, your photographer will work on editing the photos to make them look their best. You'll have a chance to decide if you want the photographer to touch up certain things that you may not want visible in your images. Here are some things to discuss.

Stretch Marks

A lot of women arrange boudoir photo sessions after they have had children. While there are lots of reasons to do so, this session can help to remind you that your body is beautiful even after it has gone through several physical changes as a result of your pregnancy. One visible change may be stretch marks on your abdomen. You can cover this part of your body with the right piece of lingerie, but you may also wish to pose with your midsection exposed. If you don't like the look of your stretch marks, share this sentiment with your photographer. They'll be able to touch up the image to remove the stretch marks.


Cellulite is a common issue for many people, particularly in areas such as the legs, arms, and midsection. Some people don't have a problem with their cellulite, but others feel that it's a bit unsightly. You don't need to let any areas of cellulite impede your interest in having a boudoir photo shoot. Even if the cellulite is visible on one or more parts of your body after the photographer takes the photos, you can simply ask them to touch up these areas to make the cellulite disappear.


Scars are another issue that your boudoir photographer can digitally remove before you receive your final photos. Depending on what lingerie you're wearing and the position of your body during your shots, you may have a C-section scar that is partially visible. You may also have one or more scars from various medical or cosmetic surgeries. Even though these scars are a part of your life story, it's possible that you don't want them to be visible in your boudoir photos. Your photographer will have no trouble touching up your images so that you can no longer see the scars.

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