What Can Photobooth Services Add To Your Event?

22 March 2022
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Parties allow people to let loose, mingle, and create great memories. A photo booth is a great addition to any gathering, including weddings, office parties, and birthday parties. Photo booths allow people to record memories on film, show off their glamorous sides, or flex their funny bones. A photo booth service such as Philly Photo & Philm can provide photo booth rentals for large and small gatherings. Here are four things you can do when you take advantage of photo booth services: 

1. Take advantage of professional lighting.

Lighting can make or break a photograph. Fortunately, photo booth services provide professional lighting for clients. The photo booth you rent will feature lighting designed to showcase your guests' best features. Ring lights, a popular form of lighting for photos, can provide bright, even lighting that can smooth out skin imperfections and avoid harsh, unflattering shadows. 

2. Spice up your photos with fun props.

Most people have high-quality cameras available right in their pockets in the form of smartphones. However, photo booths can still provide a fun and unique experience that a phone's camera can never match. Taking a picture in a photo booth is fun, and adding props can make the experience even more enjoyable. Photobooth services can provide props for your event. Signs, feather boas, novelty glasses, and other unique items can add comedic value and flare to photos.

3. Send your guests home with photos of your event. 

Photos can be great souvenirs. Photo booths are equipped with printers that can create beautiful, full-color photographs for your guests to take home. Small, wallet-sized prints are ideal for sharing, as well as photo strips. These photos can become keepsakes that will remind attendees about the fun they had at your gathering. Guests can also obtain digital copies of their photos that can be easily uploaded to social media to spread the word about your event.

4. Rent a 360 photo booth for an even more unique experience.

If you're looking to provide a unique experience for your guests, consider renting a 360-degree photo booth from a photo booth supplier. 360 photo booths utilize several high-definition cameras set up in a circle. These cameras capture photos of your guests from all angles while they rotate on a central platform. These photos are then stitched together digitally to create a seamless slow-motion video that will entertain and delight guests. Copies of these video clips can be provided for guests to utilize on social media or to save for posterity. The footage from 360 photo booths can also look great in commercials advertising for your next event.