4 Things You Can Do with Custom Photography Backdrops

18 May 2020
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The photography business can be tough to break into. Competition is fierce, and your performance is determined by your skills and the quality of your equipment. As a professional photographer, you need to provide valuable services that your customers want. Custom photography backdrops are one way you can do this. Here are four things you can do with custom photography backdrops:

1. Take your customers to exciting new locations.

Portrait photography is unique in its focus. When taking portraits, the emphasis should always be on your subject. However, the background can't be ignored. The right background can enhance the overall image and provide context for your subject. People love visiting exotic locations for the experience and the chance to take photos to show people back home.

While you can't provide a full vacation, you can give your customers the illusion of traveling to an exotic place. For example, you could have custom backdrops printed with images of popular landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. When you use these backdrops during portrait sessions, your customers will be able to feel like they've gone somewhere exciting once their pictures arrive.

2. Promote exclusive events.

Photographers can make good money by providing event photography for various businesses. Gallery openings, theater shows, and expos are all photo opportunities. A custom printed backdrop with event branding can help all your subjects feel like exclusive VIPs. Event promoters will appreciate the additional exposure this type of branded backdrop can provide. If this is something your clients are interested in, a custom photography backdrop service can help you create an appropriate backdrop for your next event.

3. Advertise your business.

A custom photography backdrop can also serve as excellent advertising for your own business. If you have a custom logo, you can have it printed on a backdrop. Depending on the size and amount of detail present in your logo, you can choose to have it printed at a large size or repeated as a pattern. Use your logo backdrop whenever you attend photography expos. Offer free photo sessions using your logo backdrop to create a win-win situation. Customers get free professional pictures, and you get to show off your skills while ensuring your brand will stay in customers' minds.

4. Create fantasy effects.

Custom backdrops can also allow you to create fantasy effects, especially when used in conjunction with props. Use underwater backgrounds to photograph your customers as mermaids. Backdrops printed with medieval castles can help your customers feel like kings and queens. Fantasy photography has its own market, and custom backdrops can allow you to tap into it.

For more information, contact services that create custom-designed photography backdrops.