Have A Water Photographer Shoot These Images If You Run A Pool Company

26 September 2019
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If you operate a company that sells and services swimming pools, you want all of the images on your organization's website and marketing materials to be enticing for people who are thinking about getting a pool. To this end, it's a good idea to hire a photographer who markets himself or herself as skilled with water shots. This professional will be able to get a number of shots at your request that you can use to make pool ownership and use look as exciting and attractive as it is. Here are some specific images that may help your company.

Family Pool Fun

One of the best ways to make a pool look enticing to prospective customers is to provide images that show a family enjoy being in and around the water. Whether you hire models or actors and set up at a local pool or you simply choose a family that is a former customer of yours, your water photographer can have the people pose in a variety of ways and snap a series of photos. Perhaps the family is playing water volleyball, or maybe the children are doing cannonballs while their parents swim. These photos can immediately conjure up feelings of fun for those who see them.

Close-Up Splashes

You'll also want some images that don't have people in them, and a water photographer can be skilled with this type of work. One idea is to have him or her shoot a close-up splash — perhaps with a macro lens. The photographer will set up at the edge of the water and his or her assistant will drop something into it. The photographer will shoot several frames as the object makes contact with the surface of the water. The result will be a captivating image that makes the water appear fresh and inviting — two concepts that can support your business.


Water photographers also have the gear that allows them to shoot underwater, so don't be afraid to specify that you want this type of work. Perhaps the photographer will shoot people swimming underwater, or maybe he or she will get positioned below the surface and shoot upward to show the sun's rays entering the swimming pool. Additionally, underwater photos can help to illustrate certain features in the pool, such as the pattern of the pool liner or the steps that lead up to the pool deck in the shallow end.

Contact a local water photographer to discuss your needs.