Could Your Business Benefit By Having A Video Of Corporate Events Produced?

3 June 2019
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If you're like most people who've been in business for at least a decade, you've undoubtedly been exposed to many changes concerning how the average company does business. Technology continues to rapidly evolve, and your website most likely makes use of these technological advances. For instance, your first business website may have been a basic affair that did its job without any extra embellishments such as videos, but nowadays, videos are being increasingly used by companies such as yours. However, instead of placing cheesy informercial-style video content that causes people to quickly leave your website, consider including videos of corporate events instead. You can provide corporate videos of classy corporate dinners, annual meetings, corporate retreats, community outings, and pretty much anything else that you think would be a helpful and informative addition to your website. Following are just seven of the many benefits of having a corporate event video professionally produced. 

Corporate Videos Put a Personal Face on Your Company

A well-crafted corporate video captures your corporate culture in a way that lets its distinct personality shine through. This is particularly important if you participate in the global marketplace. In an increasingly fickle business environment created by a lack of real-time interactions, personal connections have the potential to foster client loyalty as well as help increase client acquisition rates.

Corporate Videos Help With Recruiting 

Corporate videos are also a great way to provide job applicants with a realistic look at what your company is all about. A corporate event video production services provider will understand how to portray your corporate culture in a realistic but positive light. Evidence suggests that fitting in with corporate culture is the biggest indication of whether an employee is going to stick around for the long haul. A good video that provides a clear picture of your corporate culture helps attract the right applicants in the first place. 

Corporate Videos Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media is an increasingly important component of any company's success strategy, and putting corporate videos on your social media pages provides material for engagement. This works especially well for community-based activities and corporate social events. For instance, if your company participates in community activities such as parades, sports leagues, or volunteer activities, videos associated with these can easily generate conversation on your social media page. The same applies to corporate dinners or annual barbecues. 

Corporate Videos Promote Employee Bonding 

Whether they're videos of social events, important meetings, or informational videos designed to showcase your company to potential clients, corporate videos are a good way to facilitate employee bonding. Everyone likes to feel like they're a part of a positive team effort. 

Corporate Videos Give You Something to Show at Trade Shows

Corporate videos make an excellent trade show tool because they give visitors to your booth a glimpse into the inner working of your company. They also provide great opportunities to strike up conversations and answer questions. 

Corporate Videos Include Those Who Couldn't Attend 

Those who somehow aren't able to attend important meetings can benefit from watching corporate videos that capture the proceedings so that they're up-to-date on any important developments. It can also help prevent those who have had to miss corporate social events from feeling left out of the loop.

Corporate Videos Establish Your Brand

One of the best things a corporate video can do for your business is to help establish your brand in a clear, concise manner by providing solid visual storytelling. You can choose to include customer testimonials as well, which can serve to build a sense of solidity and trust between you and potential customers as well as strengthen bonds with existing customers.