4 Tips for a Better Headshot

15 May 2019
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Your headshot, in many ways, defines you. Whether you print it on your business cards, feature it on your website and social media, or use it to represent a personal brand, you need it to convey a professional look. Here are some tips to employ to ensure you get a headshot that stands out—in a good way.

1. Hire a professional.

Whether you hire a photographer to take your headshot as a part of a single session, or you visit a headshot lounge where that's the only service you offer, it's worth paying the pros. Trying to take a headshot on your smartphone or even on your own digital camera is just not worth the headache. You won't time things right, the lighting may not be the most flattering, and the digital image may not be high enough quality to use across all platforms.

2. Go easy on the makeup.

You want to look like your real self—not a glammed-up version of yourself. So go easy on the makeup. Create a soft, natural look. Use foundation and powder, but don't cake these on, either. Do not worry too much about completely covering blemishes, as they can be edited out of the photo afterward. Putting too much makeup over them may alter the way the texture of your skin comes across in the picture, which is harder to correct.

3. But do wear some eyeliner.

You don't want to apply a thick layer of dark eyeliner, but you do want just a little to make your eyes stand out. Men may even want to consider a fine swipe of dark brown liner along their lower and upper lashlines. This gentle application will help make your eyes pop in your headshot, which will call attention to your face—something you definitely want to do in a professional headshot.

4. Use a neutral background.

Your headshot should be all about you. This is not the time to call attention to your likes and interests with a unique background, or to feature your favorite colors. Keep it neutral. If you have warmer skin, choose a warmer tone, such as pale cream. If you have cooler skin, a white or gray background will look nice.

Your headshot will represent you for years to come, so make sure it is a good one! When in doubt, rely on your professional photographer's recommendations. Reach out to a headshot service like Expo Traffic for more information.