Creating Great Business Brochures

14 November 2017
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If you are going to be designing your own brochures for your business then you want to make sure you incorporate a few things into their layout so they give you the outcome you are hoping for. Here are some of the things you may want to do with regards to your brochures:

Choose the right colors: When it comes to the colors you use for your brochures, you want to be sure they are colors people will associate with your type of business and that they come together to create a nice-looking brochure. For example, if you have a landscaping business, then you may want to go with colors like blues and greens. When people think of nice-looking yards, blues and greens may come to mind first because of things like water and green foliage. If you run a cash advance business, then you may again want to stick with green which is the color people most associate with money. If you have a business that revolves around buying precious metals, then you may want your brochure to include golds and silvers.

Use the right font: You may really like a certain type of font, but this doesn't matter if it looks unprofessional or is hard to read. It's best to go with a font that is more on the basic side and that people are used to seeing. This will make the brochure easier for them to quickly scan, which is usually what people do first before they decide whether or not it is worth them giving a longer and more serious look.

Keep it simple: When you are laying out the design of your brochure, you want to say as much as you can about what you offer in as little words as possible. While people like to be informed, they also like to get that way as simple as possible. Using large headings to separate different types of information and adding bullet points for important factors is also a good way for you to go.

Use a commercial photographer: When you add pictures to your brochure they need to be of the best quality. If your brochure includes amateur pictures then it will give off the impression that you do second-rate work and they will immediately lose faith in you. In this way, your brochures can actually work against you. When you use commercial photography, the photography professionals will know how to take pictures that show your business in a great light and focus on the selling points.