7 Ways To Prep Your Family For A Holiday Photo Shoot

16 October 2017
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The approaching holiday season means an uptick in family photos. Unless you and your family take pictures throughout the year, the holiday photo is the one shot you have at getting a picture perfect image of your family to share with others. To help you and your family prepare for your portrait session, here are some tips.

  1. Know what you want from the session. Before the session, take the time to think about the desired end product. For instance, do you want an informal photo that looks relaxed?
  2. Choose props. Although the photographer will likely have some props available for you and your family, you can bring along some of your own. Props, such as favorite toys, can help make the photos more personal.
  3. Select a location. Your photographer can shoot your session in a studio, but if you and your family want to bring meaning to your photos, you can choose a location that means something to the family. For instance, one of your children's favorite places to visit could lead to a fun shoot.
  4. Keep the clothing comfortable. One of the challenges you and the photographer will have throughout the session is keeping the children engaged in the experience. If they are in tight or restrictive clothing, such as suits and ties, the session can turn into a nightmare.
  5. Have fun with the clothing. In the past, matching outfits were considered the standard for family photos. However, you and your family can change things up and pick clothes that are fun for each member. Let each person pick clothing that he or she wants to wear. You can make color suggestions, but avoid going overboard with the matching colors.
  6. Make sure everyone is well-fed. Younger children tend to get cranky when they are hungry. Getting a cranky child to participate in the family shoot will be next to impossible. A light meal before the shoot should be enough. You can also take along a snack as a backup.
  7. Talk to your children before the session. Try to paint the session as a fun experience. If they think it will be boring, they will be less likely to cooperate. If you have to, promise your children a treat after the session, such as going to a movie or getting a pizza.

Talk to a photographer, such as at Matchstick Creative, before the session to learn of other ways you and your family can prepare.