Wedding Photography: Indoor Versus Outdoor And Why You Need A "Plan B"

29 August 2017
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Wedding photography records one of the most special moments in the life of a couple. The photos are almost always glamorous and beautiful. As you work to create a perfect wedding day, make sure you know where your photographs will be taken; inside or outside. There are pros and cons to both, and some reasons why you need a "Plan B":


Photos outside are filled with natural light, perfect mood, and lots of color, if you know where to stand. They are often the preference of most brides who want to look beautiful in the midst of natural beauty. Flower gardens, parks, foot bridges and the like are perfect photo backdrops.

The drawback to outdoor photos is that you cannot always lean on the weather being perfect. If it rains, you cannot take photos outside. Likewise, any other type of bad weather, such as tornadoes, high winds, hurricanes, tropical storms, and blizzards are not something you want for your photos.


Inside photos can work if the interior of different buildings provide the romantic backdrop you need. Mansions, old cathedrals with lots of stained glass, etc. are all ideal for wedding photos. If you do not have access to any of that, your photos may come out a little bland or a little flat.

The issues with inside photos include lighting, which may be limited by the picture venues you have chosen. The shots may also be flooded by one or two specific colors, which may not be all that flattering. Make sure you bring your photographer to your chosen locations months ahead of time so that he or she can plan ahead and bring adequate lighting and camera filters.

Why You Need a "Plan B"

Weather does not always happen the way it is predicted. You may get booted from indoor venues at the last second. Parties you did not know were taking place in the parks may result in extra people in your shots that you did not want.

All of these situations and more cannot be accounted for when you make plans to have your wedding pictures taken inside or outside. Have a list of locations for BOTH indoor and outdoor venues so that you can get several nice shots regardless of what happens on the day of your wedding. Again, make sure your photographer has scoped out all of these locations on your list and is well-prepared for the big day.  

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