2 Tips For Getting Your Child Ready For Preschool Photography

24 July 2017
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If your child is enrolled in preschool, they likely have a picture day once or twice each year, just as the older kids do. These pictures are a lot of fun for you to purchase because they capture a time in your child's life that you don't want to forget. However, because this is their first formal picture taking experience, it is important that it goes smoothly and that the actual picture turns out well. While the photographer and assistant will generally do a great job of posing your child and getting them to look at the camera and smile for the picture, it is important that you do an excellent job of actually getting them ready for pictures. This article will discuss 2 tips for getting your child ready for preschool photography. 

Choose A Hair Style That Is Hard To Mess Up

Even though pictures generally take place earlier in the day, it is important that you choose a hair style for your child that they can't mess up before pictures. Doing something super extravagant can sometimes backfire on you if it is easy to mess up. For example, rather than going with a formal updo for your daughter, instead, do loose curls around her face. The curls will look just as good and they can't fall out and become messed up like an updo would. Also, if you are doing either your son or daughter's hair, be sure that you use hair spray or some other agent to help hold it into place. If you'd like, you can even be at your child's preschool right before pictures begin, simply to ensure that their hair looks good and to touch it up if necessary. 

Keep Their Outfit Simple 

When it comes to the clothes that your child is wearing, it is best to keep them simple. Extravagant patterns and designs, as well as graphics, are simply going to take the focus off of your child and those who look at the picture will focus more on your child's clothing than on their face. Instead, choose an outfit that is cute, but simple. Keep the color scheme basic, and choose solids. For example, if you put your son in a pair of blue jeans, with a plaid colored shirt, this is perfect. For your daughter, a simple red dress with a white sweater would be an awesome option to go with. 

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